The Marketer & Strategist

As a passionate marketer who enjoys brainstorms and books on consumer behavior, I have spent the past 9 years gaining experience in digital and traditional marketing on a product, recruitment and consumer brand level.

Every step of my career has come with a new twist and a sudden urge to know more, and I love working with companies that keep me on my toes and allow me to flex my creative muscles. My main focus lies with brand strategy; it’s amazing to see how consumers respond to the hard work we’ve put into bringing a brand to life. I truly believe that a good brand strategy is the backbone to a strong, trusted, consistent company and has an enormous effect on sentiment and profitability.

I love what I do and like to keep myself busy with new marketing centric challenges and education opps beyond my full time role. I am always looking for new ways to track efforts and show ROI on the projects I’m responsible for and pride myself on being a dedicated, driven individual.

The Creative & Person

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always found beauty and opportunity in everyday things. White walls screaming to be painted with a mural, a pile of scrap wood begging to be turned into a treasure box, a perfectly positioned praying mantis just begging to be photographed. Seeing these blank canvases would trigger this “aha” moment in my head and fervently, I’d go to work. Snapping pictures, painting murals, hammering wood into nails until what I visualized came to life.

I’m fortunate to have found a career that has helped me shape this creativity and explore ideas differently. When working on creative ideation, I find myself channeling the same thought provocation; how can I think of this differently? What are we trying to achieve, how can I tell the viewers a story and compel them to relate in just a few simple words?

Today, these ideas are often sparked by consumer insights or new data learnings, and always tested for effectiveness. I am always looking for new creative outlets and when I’m not at work or in the great outdoors I’m often found painting custom artwork on wood-built canvases, writing copy for a variety of industries, conducting photoshoots for friends and family and even sometimes building custom mosaic furniture with old tiles from my parents basement.